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Futures Execution

DQL Energy provides execution services for oil futures across CME and ICE markets. Trading platforms show prices but no colour. We are in constant contact with all major players in the market which provides us with insight, order flow and colour.

Physical Brokerage

DQL Energy offer brokerage services to commercial participants on Middle East crude cargos through our network of physical traders in the Oman and Dubai cash markets.

OTC Derivative Markets

DQL Energy acts as an intermediary with eligible contract participants in the WTI, Brent, Oman and Dubai over the counter derivatives market. Our network of customers and contacts and many years of experience in these markets is the backbone of our Over The Counter crude swaps operation.

Structured Transactions

DQL Energy's involvement in these various markets allows us the ability to structure and execute a variety of strategies and transactions for our customers depending on their particular needs.

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